Shenyang ocean sea print limited is a professional design, printing and binding of specialized, modern printing company, specializes in catalogs, brochures, posters, leaflets, brochures, stickers, printed stationery, envelopes and other promotional materials.
established ten years to, Shenyang Ocean Czech printing, and Shenyang printing, and Shenyang printing factory, and Shenyang printing company, and Shenyang printing, and Shenyang printing design company, and Shenyang album printing, and Shenyang packaging printing, and Shenyang color printing, and Shenyang envelope printing, and Shenyang sample printing, and Shenyang publicity book printing, and Shenyang poster printing, and Shenyang packaging box printing, and Shenyang carton printing, and Shenyang mobile bags printing adhering to "supremacy, sincere cooperation, and you common development" of business concept, from venture of early, Company to customers every time a delegate implementation of "first-class quality, first-class products, first-class service" service standard. So far, the company currently has a number of new imported printing presses, the introduction of the automatic grinding machine, stamping machine, laminating machines, binding machines and other advanced late binding equipment, along with a complete color management process, make colors more realistic. Strong technical force, "fair price and fine quality, fast and quality service" makes us one step ahead in the industry, with a number of foreign-funded enterprises have established a good cooperative relations for a long time, into a number of foreign-funded enterprises in long-term printing service provider.
we are committed to becoming your supplier of printing services, we value and return in good faith to give you the trust and expectations, we provide a one-stop service, we will serve you with professional services to provide more professional advice and suggestions and common pursuit of perfect printing results.