Printing a single page from GroupOn to find opportunity

  looking for gold often is a trend, and trends in the "sell" opportunities do exist.
technology outsourcing: previously, important application of the Internet, there are technology-driven features, at least start code is not alien to people, but the buying spree is clearly market-driven. In other words, the more characteristics of the founder, may lack awareness of the code.
set up a coupon site is not complicated, corresponds to the lack of added value. But GroupOn's future direction is reuse of your customer database, so the meaning of sustainable development is in should. Well, in that case, scale out, no doubt, other group-buying sites have similar needs.
background the maintenance of a stable cash flow, and deepening of coupon sites, service costs continue to increase, and code development, unlimited copies, this business pretty well.
Web-design: a group purchase makes service businesses recognize that their potential customers are online now.
no network resources, does not exist. So there is no corporate Web pages to create Web, already has a page, you need to evaluate and improve. Or to introduce applications such as SNS, to strengthen links with customers.
, of course, every purchase activity information is open to the public, Web entrepreneurs, the same enthusiasm to participate in group activities, promote your Web service. You know, this is rise of the Ma's original business. Is not needed today emphasizes the professional features of Web pages, remove Web pages, such as discount cards, printing a single page should be among the category of service.
logistics: buying sites mainly service-oriented consumer, but buying sites every few days will launch commodity-buying services, such as cosmetics or plush toys. That's right, commodity consumption limit is less, allowing more visitors into customers.
Although the trivial work also directly to the courier company or provide a merchandise company to handle, but as a result, a lot less flexible. Select the customer must provide goods logistics management experience, this is the problem of tens of thousands of packages. Remove possible issues in the handover, some combination of sales difficult. If someone is devoted to send business, or group of users will have more surprises.
of course, not a group-buying sites will have their own logistics base, since the main face is service consumption. So they can be shared. This business, every day to deal with a lot of packages, or just on the corner of town, rent a small space.
buy network Web site: some practitioners, this model is very clear, buying information into one page of the Web site, the user at a glance. Included leading coupon sites, and new group-buying sites, and professional group-buying website, you can play some of the ads, part to gain attention.
the question is, how big is the market. Before some of the success stories, such as Web site classification, or is the Web site for the entire Internet.
third-party consumer evaluation community: GroupOn Web site should have an upgraded model, third-party evaluation of consumer community.
a group buy is when people are involved in consumer activity, of course, has its own understanding of the parties, issue a post, or praise or derogatory. Although the theme is the evaluation of businesses to provide services, but she can still think, or launching sites also have interests consistent with group activities where evaluation community becomes a reasonable selection of third-party spending.
more sensitive marketers, have long noted, consumption evaluation community is a very good advertising carriers, more targeted, but also has a high conversion rate, is the high quality of this little community.
will eventually develop into an online shopping guide, of course, not necessarily confined to the buying activity in the business. Certainly doesn't have to be limited to online, glossy shopping guide publication is also a direction.
characteristic of a more consistent buying service-oriented enterprises: whether it's hair salon, dining, or dental care ... ... In the elevator before the widespread use of buildings, lower floor prices more expensive than high floor, after a disruptive change. Of course, we say, prior to the popularity of television, some fast-moving consumer goods do not have to pop.
under the new promotion, you may be able to avoid operational limitations before, such as location, or consumers ' apparent periodicity. Service is a fixed-cost business, if you amortize more fully, more orderly, means that entrepreneurs will get the reward. While copies of the business model has become.
in the new environment, you can gain a great advantage, so previous experience accumulated is probably not a key.
transformation from manufacturing to service industry is an irreversible trend.
network group can be understood as a container-like invention, container logistics to promote, the global circulation of the era, imported goods become cheaper, and the network group will become a service industry good help. Based on this point, there are a lot of people successfully, a successful group, it's fair.

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