United Kingdom summer of strong demand for magazine printing

  United Kingdom print magazine, August 23, since July, United Kingdom magazine printing factory said their revenue there has been strong growth in non-seasonal. According to the analysis, magazine pages increase sales strategy combined with the publishers launched magazines are the main reasons for growth. However, the United Kingdom magazine printing is real to pick up people in the industry still expressed concern.
&n BSP; according to reports, the Buxton printing house (Buxton Press) July 15% revenue increase compared to the same period in 2009, the company believes that the main reason for the magazine pages added. Keke·jialuowei, General Manager of the company said that in just the past two or three months, the company's single order set increased on average by 500 printed ~1000 printed, increment comes mainly from magazine pages added and new business growth.
United Kingdom piensede sheetfed magazine printing plant (Pensord) dalun·kaokesen, General Manager of the company said the printing plant in Wales have a similar situation. Although the magazine's circulation have been reversed, but the increase is still the most significant magazine pages. He said: "the increase in magazine pages and the print run, so that we create the best half year results in its history. "
on the short version of the printing market, North Star printing company (Polestar), significant increase in the pages of the magazine this year than in previous years, but print still has not changed. Zhanmusi·bowei, Marketing Director of the company believes that current magazines, buy one get one combined policies have had a positive impact on the magazine printing, and has played a significant role in supporting publishers circulation. United Kingdom national magazine company (NatMag) 3 kinds of well-known magazine in its combined sold 20 times within half a year. United Kingdom North Group (Northern & Shell) in the same period of the OK! , 3 magazines, such as the star combination sold 18 times. Beauvais said the portfolio sale strategy continues, this approach significantly improves the printing of more.
United Kingdom distribution Council (Audit Bureau of Circulations), according to the latest statistics, the first half of 2010 United Kingdom consumer magazine's circulation grew only by 0.3% year. Galloway said the sales promotion is the best hope the summer magazine printing industry to pick up the signal. "Although we have been told that signs of recovery are already visible, but printing houses and publishers face the trade environment remains grim.

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