Medical advertising magazine "yellow covered" seriously worrying

  free to distribute medical journal of advertising on the streets, in Dongguan have formed an industrial chain. Industry sources say, Dongguan private medical institutions for one year "consume" medical advertising totaled 2 billion copies of the magazine, the annual output value has more than 1 billion yuan, billions of profits directly.
this year of printing 3 billion
"you might not want to believe this, Dongguan is 2 billion copies of the annual production of the magazine, which does not include the form of medical ads in the newspaper. "The houjie town, a specialized medical journal of advertising printing business, Zhang said, the business performance of this year is expected to reach the highest peak," is expected to reach 3 billion books. "Printed in local-scale factory owned by Mr Zhang is not large, customer-oriented in all medical institutions in Dongguan that specialize in medical advertising magazine printed," from the cover design, content and layout, can be said to be one-stop service, each volume costs about 5 cents. "
Tigers mendaning a large private medical institutions in charge, Mr HO said the clinic about the year magazine published 3 to 4 times ads, each volume is approximately 3 to 50,000 copies," is mainly used to distribute during golden week, sometimes clinic offers activities, also be printed temporarily. "What said about Dongguan private medical institutions began in 2005, with a printed magazine's approach to business promotion, because publicity is good, makes a lot of clinics followed suit.
part of "yellow-related"
"this year as the number of additional large clinics, medical market competition in Dongguan, so medical journal also is a hot trend in the market. "Zhang said, the market scale, industry profits did not increase," last printed a volume of about 5 cents of profit margin, but this year's profit fell speed 4 minutes. "Recalled Zhang, who in 2005 when new to the industry, printing a magazine book net profit of more than 0.1 Yuan, but so far this year, monthly order volume in millions, but the revenue generated can only maintain the basic operation of the printing plant.
However, due to the medical advertising magazine "yellow in question" has long been concerned against investigation of objects. Magazine distributed in Humen, a local medical institutions, several major manuscript titled the "bus woman" unmarried births, hold Sun to find how much humiliation husband, under the bed to bed to do glamour Queen, lacking in explicit detail.
"depends mainly on the content to attract new Dongguan people read, by the way marketing clinic services. "A clinic official said, distributed 50,000 copies each, if read by only 20,000 people, compared to 5% the 20,000 people who have needs, then the results obtained by these medical advertisements will be incalculable.

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