Italy magazine integrated 3D technology for fashion photography

  Italy Edition of Vogue magazine (Vogue) stereoscopic 3D technology applied to the print media for the first time, please come to Australia's next top model Miranda Kerr sexy fashion photos, became the world's first combined the 3D technology fashion magazine.
a few days ago in Milan, Rome, Italy around the newsstands to buy the September issue of Vogue magazine, people will find the book comes with a pair of 3D glasses used to watch with 3D technology production, a three-dimensional effect of cover on page 22 of the fashion photos, I believe it will bring different sensory stimuli.
is features Peugeot's Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr on the cover holding a cute puppy photos. Page 22 in her fashion photo, all filmed in 3D technology, to show her impressive figure and fashion style.
Sozzani, Vogue editor, said attempts to reflect the 3D technology is applied to the print media, there is still great room for development, enhance the observability of the traditional print media.

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