The comic World magazine was selected as China's key animation products

  good news coming from the Guangzhou animation! Reporter was informed yesterday from the Department concerned, the Ministry of culture recently published its 2010 first through the list of identified key animation products, national animation company Alpha man friends of culture, animation, were selected, among which the man friends cultural operations of the comic world to become the only cartoon periodicals.
it is understood that, and the comic world and named, and Alpha animation of the lightning of the race-Tin line, the zhanlong drive two animation products. Official website for magazine of the year
of the comic world, full color printing, in Guangzhou, Beijing and other places with centralized printing and printing, distribution network covering 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, monthly circulation of up to 2.6 million copies, becoming the comic magazine "leader."
according to understand, comic world to humor funny Kyo, while force invited Taiwan comic master Ao Youxiang joined, and build has Zhu Bin, and 19 times, and Chen Xiaoyun, and Tong Yiming, strength comic home, launched comedy campus, and rabbit help, and bubble surface Superman, and phone juvenile, Shang stemona popular of original comic booklet, which comedy campus sales beyond 8 million book, rabbit help sales over 1.5 million book.
according to the Guangzhou animation industry Association statistics show that Guangzhou original comic book issue occupying the country over 30% of the comic book market share, in a leading position in the country.
the size of the market, said Guangzhou comic magazine ranked the first, man friends cultural operation in the comics world, the man friends and the new buds, and in ten major cities of the country total magazine sales overall sales volume of 36.4%.

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