Tickets for the nation at large public events efforts universal RFID

  today, more and more large public landing in China, whether it is to visit Shanghai World Expo, or watching sports events, theatrical performances, many viewers will be holding a high security RFID tickets. Industry experts believe that RFID tickets because of its safety, efficiency, information management and other features, will gradually become a mainstream application, to a variety of fields and industries spread.
"RFID" called "radio frequency identification technology", is a non-contact automatic identification technology. "RFID tickets" is a set traditional printing security and digital security security Yu one of new hi-tech tickets, in meet large public activities security and efficient sex Shang advantages highlight: has only sex, each gold RFID chip has global only of ID,; storage volume big, RFID tickets can save activities and holding votes people of related information; has can read and write function, can achieved from tickets printed, and logistics distribution, and sales to ticket of full digital management and State track; has automatically statistics function, Dynamic flow control can be achieved. Through the use of RFID tickets, large public events ticketing level on the new level.
at present, RFID ticket has been accepted by the industry. 25th, at the fifth card ticket security anti-counterfeiting technology Summit Forum on domestic ticket application of RFID "pioneer" Ding investments limited, with its notes at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo on the RFID ticket ticket management, won the China anti-counterfeiting technology "Blue Shield" outstanding achievement award.
banknote told reporters, as the suppliers of tickets for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the company in the past two years for such world class events to provide RFID racked up more than 100 million tickets, at present, is continuing as the Shanghai World Expo tickets. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is the first large-scale RFID tickets at public events, no fake tickets. "At the Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo demonstration effect, domestic RFID ticket into the diffusion stage, RFID ticket will gradually become a mainstream application in the future, covering exhibitions, performances, travel tickets, transportation tickets and many other fields and industries. "Zhang said.
industry forecasts, RFID tickets prospect. The next 3 years, its market size will be 300 million to 400 million, the annual growth rate of about 15%. Meanwhile, the current RFID ticket problems can not be neglected: one is higher product costs, restrict the spread of RFID ticket; the second is RFID ticket application standard uniform; the third is to provide a public anti-counterfeiting technology, enable the general public to use Visual, tactile or readily available external means to identify the authenticity of the tickets; four are RFID ticket promotion requires a large number of professional and technical personnel.

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